I'm an expert on developing systems on top of Interactive Brokers.

Note: I'm now working exclusively with and not seeking new partnerships and collaborations.

I will program the tools you need to trade successfully.

Examples include:

  • Building a live trading bot to forward test your trading strategy on your paper-trade account

  • One time backtesting analysis reports for your trading strategy

  • Providing advanced backtesting infrastructure for your complex strategies 

  • Implementing custom indicators with inputs from a variety of data sources

  • Delivering GUI trading tools using live market data to aid in your decision making

Our tools can use any financial instrument available at Interactive Brokers including stocks, futures, options, bonds and forex. Other platforms can be used for cryptocurrency trading.


I have experience coding strategies that use various statistical analysis techniques, data mining and artificial intelligence. 

I use Clojure, a modern Lisp programming language which sits on top of the JVM (Java) as my "secret weapon" to build elegant and efficient solutions to your problems.



Justin Tirrell

Lead Developer

I have over a decade of software development experience in the finance, advertising and eEcommerce industries. I'm passionate about code and when given a software problem I will think about it all day and dream about it when I sleep (you will not be billed for the sleeping hours). I have a particular fondness for functional programming, especially Clojure.


"I studied computer science in the early 80's using everything from punch cards to Fortran and PL1, and have worked with hundreds of coders since then. I can count on one hand the truly talented coders who get flow, logic, intuitive application and robust scalability all while providing a practical and elegant GUI. Justin is one of those guys. He took our request for a custom application using Clojure and Q/KDB+, and delivered a solution that was simply fantastic. His knowledge of the markets and streaming data really helped in understanding how our system needed to be built. I highly recommend Justin"

Mike Stark, Texas





Iboga is data driven, open source API client for Interactive Brokers maintained by Written in Clojure, it allows quickly prototype trading tools and try out concepts that can evolve into fully fledged robust trading systems.


Please describe your project to us and I will get back to you within one business day. Include your preferred method of communication and availability.

I am available to meet in person in the New York City area.

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